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Meaghan Quinn
my name is Meaghan call me meg or meags.
I'm a music and art enthusiast. I do love to draw and work with my hands. I have a TAFE diploma of fine arts. I'm not even going to pretend im the best at anything because i know im not.
  • Mood: Relief

I went to a special Australian comic-con event in Sydney on Saturday, to see Benedict Cumberbatch.

woke up early to be driven to the university of NSW in Randwick where I waited in a line in the cold and rain, because I was alone I just randomly spoke to people all day and didn't get names or numbers.

we went in and were put into different lecture theatres and given rules, schedule and then they played random benedict stuff on the projectors (mainly interviews and funny stuff)

photos were literally 2 seconds with him but oh my god he was warm I wanted to just cuddle him with a cup of tea. It is autumn here and the weather is usually cold and rainy so to have his arm around me and feeling that warmth was fantastic. He said enjoy yourself to me and I said you too...or I mumbled it...frick!

The rest of the day was spent talking and overspending on a few stalls.

then the autographs...which were hell...I thought he didn't spell my name right when they wrote it prior to the 2 seconds in front and then said something stupid about his writing and mine due to nerves (I was friken nervous all day, surrounded by crowds and random people I don't know) but I am forgettable so...fuck it I have an autograph and he gets to do whatever now.

the Q&A was great, nobody asked stupid questions and he was gracious and joking with us all. he gave long answers, told people to fuck off when they went awe,from that came people laughing whenever people went awe. he commented that one part of the crowd was sweet and the other were cynical (I was in the cynical, I did not awe anything). He spoke about his career, characters, ambitions, morals, the obvious fact that his career is ours his personal life is his (I KNOW!!!! I don't want to friken know what you had for breakfast mate, or any celebrity as long as they enjoyed it that's fine). He also ignored the last question announcement and answered 2 more before they said that he really had to wind it up.

after it finished I got picked up by Ally and Jarrad to stay at their place for the night, we then got Chinese for dinner and watched an episode of supernatural and 2 episodes of archer. On sunday Ally made pancakes for breakfast and we went shopping and went to manly where I caught the ferry to circular quay and caught the train home. Kate, Chris and Clayton came over for dinner and clayton slept over.

I am now friken broke!  

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